If you are interested in bowling with friends or colleagues in a fun competition then league bowling at Marion Bowland is for you. Leagues consist of 6 or more teams who bowl against each other on a weekly basis in teams from 2 - 4 people in size. League bowling is run on a handicapped system (similar to golf) so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Leagues start from as little as $16 for a three game series. Junior League runs Saturdays @9:30am. They include 1 game and shoe hire with coaching and cost $7 per week.

You do not have to have a full team to join, we can find other players for you to form a new team, or put you into an existing team with vacancies in it. We encourage you to join at any time!

Current Marion Bowland Leagues:

League Name Day Time Format Cost
Seaview Tuesday 10:00am Teams of 3, 3 games $21 per week
Groovy Tuesday Tuesday 7:00pm Teams of 4, 3 games $23.50 per week
Special Olympics Friday 6:00pm Teams of 4, 3 games $20.50 per week
Strikers (jnr) Saturday 9:30am Teams of 3, 1 game $7 per week
Saturday Stars (disabilities) Saturday 10:00am Teams of 3, 3 games $19 per week
Sunday Strikers (disabilities) Sunday 10:30am Teams of 4, 2 games $16 per week

Please call us at the bowl to talk more about Leagues on 8298 9888, or fill out the form below and we can e-mail you back with the relevant information.

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Seaview Groovy Tuesday   Special Olympics
Strikers (jnr) Saturday Stars (dis) Sunday Strikers (dis) Phantom

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